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Stacks dating brooke hogan

She recently ended up making headlines for all the wrong reasons as her dad was caught using racial slurs about her former boyfriend.Brooke defended her dad by writing a poem, but it was all for nothing as Hulk suffered the brunt of his actions.

Since leaving TNA, she hasn’t returned to pro wrestling only intensifying the fact that she worked in TNA strictly for fame. Hulk and his daughter were the most popular characters on the show and the program was later centered around the two as Brooke attempted to pursue a singing career while her protective father watched over her throughout the process.You might not have noticed, but the truth is that Brooke took part in various films from 2009 to as recent as 2015.It didn’t make any headlines meaning her roles on the various films tanked pretty badly.Her roles throughout her film career included parts in Judging by the names of those movies, it’s pretty evident that her roles on lower budget films weren’t so glamorous.It remains to be seen whether she’ll jump back into these acting gigs at some point as she’s currently spending most of her time modelling and working with other TV shows nowadays.

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